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Bear Season 2019

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Fred's Georgia Bear

The mount and skull are on proper display!


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After 9 years of effort.  


 At 1pm, heard her coming back.  15 yard shot.  Ran about 60 yards, 10 towards me, then circled and went away.  Took 1/2 hour to find, as it expired in a fallen red oak dead fall.  About killing myself pulling her out of there.  Pulled her for pictures, then put her in the creek to skin her, and quarter up all the meat.  Put the meat in my backpack, the hide tide to the outside of the backpack, and made a painful, slow walk out with all of that weight.  Rested 4 or 5 times.  Got back to the truck at 4pm


  More to come!  

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Scott's Bears

Bear Hunt Spring 2014

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Bear Hunt Spring 2013

We know that at least one of our members (King Strake) had a great Canadian Bear Hunt.  He nicknamed this brute "Gorilla" bear.  He has a lot to be proud of with this harvest.  I am sure that more pictures will be coming soon.

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Georgia Bear Hunt Fall 2012

Here are some photos of all the sign I'm hunting in.  As most other bear hunters on the GON Forum are faced with this year, there is an over abundance of white oaks in the mountains, especially at 2700-3400 feet elevation.  The first 3 weeks were hard on me, but this last week I'm feeling much stronger climbing the mountain sides on my way up to my ridge top at 3250.  Considering the hunting club is around 440-500 foot elevation, its a real difference hunting.  I've had many bear groaning and huffing at my presence this year, they just always seem to get the bead on me before I do on them.  The one this weekend at only 30 yards was especially frustrating, as we stalked right by it at only 10 yards.  It was bedded in a huckle berry stand 10 yards off the ridge top road, but no way to see it.  We get to a fallen tree at 30 yards from it, sit and rest up for 5 minutes, and stand and take 1 step only to have it stand up, huff and run off back on the trail we came in on.  Only went about 40 yards, stopped and dropped a nice pile in our trail, and proceeded into a thicket.  Yesterday was a good experience, as I offered to take an infantry brigade officer, new to bear hunting, back from serving in Iraq and Afghanistan up to my spot to show him about scouting for the right bear sign.  He runs ultra-marathons (30 miles races) in his spare time, so he had no troubles keeping up.  One last weekend chasing the dream of getting a bear with my bow, then I'll be back at the deer camp with everyone.

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Bear Hunt Spring 2012

We had a wonderful time. 6 of us went, 5 shot bears and the 6th (King) had opportunity to shoot. He was holding out for a color phase but only black ones came by, including a monster with 3 feet. He thinks its the same bear Greg Martin saw several years ago.

 I messed up and shot mine on the first day, Sunday. But, the taxidermist said it was 400 pounds and green scored 19.75 inches. Hes about 6ft 6in from tip of nose to tip of tail. Hes being made into a rug and Im getting the skull bleached and sealed. Ive attached some photos of my bear (me in the middle, guides Brian (L) and Ron (R)) and the group.

 Scott shot his first bear and it will make a nice rug also. Yall will have to get Scott to tell his story of the bears.  A

 Weird thing with Scott he could not call the lodge the night he shot his bear. He called home and had Cheri call the lodge to let them know he shot and to come get him early.

 Three of Kings friends and ex-Lucent customers also got bears. One sow and two boars.

 Bob shot one but didnt get one-shot/one-kill. I was in camp when he walked back in and he, myself and the two guides when to get it. We had to blood trail it for couple of hundred yards. Bob of course was the only one with a rifle and he was behind all of us not really smart tracking a wounded bear with the trackers between the bear and the gun. It was a nice 200 pound chocolate color. When we found it Bob put another 35 Whelen into it. It got up and started walking away. Bob put Whelen #3 in it to anchor it.

Not bragging (too much), but my little 44Mag Ruger carbine put my bear down with one shot. It ran about 50 yards

 Weather was fantastic mid 70s during the day, high 50s at night. I actually got sunburned on Monday sleeping on the dock.


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Other Bears 

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