This is the story of one hunter who had a run in with a buck that figured he was dominant.  The hunter had been using dominant buck urine as a cover scent when he went to his ladder stands.  Today he decided to ground hunt.  He got his turkey chair and went ground hunting.  He also really sprayed up good with the dominant buck urine because he had quite a walk to the hunting area.  He felt he needed a lot of cover scent.

As we all know, this is not really a good idea especially during the pre-rut and the rut.  We have all seen the videos of hunters and others being attacked by deer, elk, moose etc. after they had sprayed scent on themselves.  This hunter was about to find out the hard way.  You know that experience is the best teacher.

He and his brother had pictures from the trail cam of a specific buck.  They had decided not to shoot it (it was just a shooter now) and let it grow another year.  The hunter set out on his ground hunt journey.

He set up in a known area where deer were prevalent.  He had a smaller buck come in and then it left after it scented the dominant buck urine.  As it turned out, a doe started towards the hunter.  Behind the doe was a nice 8 point buck.  This was the same buck that he and his brother had decided to give another year for growth.  The doe approached with the buck only several feet behind her.  When the doe was about 8 feet from the hunter it scented the dominant buck urine and started acting up.  Snorting and flaring it nostrils.  The hunter had his rifle laying in his lap as he didn't intend to shoot.  The 8 point buck became agitated and smelled the urine on his boots.  He laid his ears back, raised his back hair and charged the hunter.  The buck hooked his antlers under the hunters leg and was flipping him over on his back.  The bucks antlers hooked into the young leg.  It only ripped his pants.  It left a welt but did penetrate his leg.  The hunter was caught between the bucks antlers and the turkey chair.  He had managed to hold onto his rifle.  He swung it towards the buck and fired just 3 inches away from the buck.  The bullet caught the buck in the mouth. 

Much to his relief the buck jumped back, turned and ran off a little ways.  Excitedly the hunter made a second shot at the deer.  The bullet ended up hitting the antlers and breaking off one of the main beams.  The buck turned and started after the hunter again.  It turned on an angle and the hunter fired again.  The hunter had regained his composure and made a good kill zone shot.  The buck ran a few yards and dropped.  

That hunter has now become a much more mature hunter.

5 Reasons Not to Use Dominant Buck Urine.

1.  Dominant bucks get very irritated when impersonated.
2.  Never get between a buck and his woman.
3.  Never irritate another bucks date.
4.  Think about the consequents.
5.  You don't want to become a statistic.

The hunter and the buck!

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