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Squirrel Bash
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Squirrel Bash

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Squirrel Bash of 2010.

 The date is FEBRUARY 6, 2010.  This will give everyone time to settle down from an intense deer hunting season, get most of your Honey Dooís completed and give us some hunting time to take out some of those illusive tree rats.

 We will start the hunt at 8:00 or 9:00 am and you have to be back at the Silver Bullet Lodge no later than 4:00 pm.  As we have in the past, there is a fee of $10.00 per gun and we will payback 100% of the collected money to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, that is if you guys want to do it that way, we can discuss it that morning,

 Bring your hunting buddy (does not have to be a member of our club) and lets have a good time.  Your weapon is your choice, for those of you that canít hit a garbage can at 30 yards; you may want to bring your shotgun.  Most of us will be using a 22 rifle.  We would like for everyone to hunt in teams of 2, this will ensure your safety, especially those of you that are old as shit.

 If the weather is crappy (raining), we will not hunt.  I will be cooking breakfast that morning and in hopes that Matt will be there to take care of dinner.

 So, come one, come all, letís have a fun day and shoot the shit out of those tree rats.  Oh, by the way, Brown Boyz, all of the squirrels will be checked with a rectal probe to make sure they were killed on Saturday, so leave the frozen squirrels at home this year.  Bobby Ellis will be the official Judge, since he is not good for anything else and will ensure that all squirrels are of legal size, sex and originated in Putnam County .

 Oh, by the way, if you plan on attending, drop Ricky an email.


"Squirrel Bash 2009"

Here is the low down on the Squirrel Bash that ended up being a Squirrel Crash.  The weather was not favorable for the rain date but some did show up, well a couple showed up.  Jimmy and Ricky teamed up and guess who else showed up, the Browns, Danny and David.  You would have known they would have been there trying to get that quick buck and a great breakfast.  Jerry was also there but did not have a partner.
Well we had that great breakfast, had a lot of food left over, well that was what I did not cook, those that were there ate it all up.  Then off we go.
Since we only had 2 teams, we decided to go out just for fun.  I guess we gave it our all and at the end of the day, guess who won?  No, the Browns did not win, we both had three tree rats, it was a tie.  How about that. 
Well maybe next year it will be where we can have a better turn out and take those rats out of the trees.
Sorry we did not take any photos, you just have to trust me, it's true.

"Squirrel Bash 2008"

Well, here we are at another successful Squirrel Bash in 2008. We had fairly good weather; warming up in the afternoon. We had 3 teams this year a total of $140.00 was collected and we distributed $140.00 for the prize money.

The teams were:

Brown & Brown (6) 1st Place

Spencer, Thompson & Sagar (3) 2nd Place

Matt and Jerry (1) 3rd Place

Nobody actually left right at 8:00 am.  It was a calm day.  Ricky's breakfast was to die for.  Matt did another outstanding job cooking the steaks and potatoes.  Mike did a great job on the Collards.  For everyone, we had a great dinner and Thanks.

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"Squirrel Bash 2007"

Well, here we are at another successful Squirrel Bash for 2007. We had fairly good weather, cold as you know what in the morning, warming up to above freezing in the afternoon. We had 5 teams this year a total of $200.00 was collected and we distributed $180.00 for the prize money and we donated $20.00 to the "Kitchen Kitty".

The teams were:

Brown & Brown (10) 1st Place

Sagar & Spencer (8) 2nd Place

Still & Francis (0) L

Rateau & Gentry (0) L

White & Wester (0) L

Nobody actually left right at 8:00 am but we did get out earlier than I figured due to the cold. The wind did blow 5-15 mph all day. Matt did another outstanding job cooking for everyone, we had a great lunch and then back out we went.

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Squirrel Bash 2006

It was a crappy day. The wind was blowing, it rained like hell at 0500 and it was overcast most of the day. 

Maybe you can tell by the pictures who came in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

1 Brown & Brown

2 Thompson & Sagar

3 Spencer & White both tied with one.

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