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Work Days 3/11/19 at Silver Bullet!

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Thompson Award 2017

Ricky "The Chief" Spencer

This is the Thompson Award and nobody but Thompson himself can dole out this prestigious award, no matter what the masses say.

 I spoke with the legal counsel for the award the honorable Castillo, Castillo and Castillo Law Firm and they said that I alone should make this decision.

 With that said let me bring something to your attention.

Who threw out the sandwich meat I put in the fridge last month just because it was grey?

Who left the door open to the ice maker?

Who left the lights on in the Clubhouse?

Who left the TV on?

Who used the last paper towel and didn't put more on?

Who left dirty dishes in the sink?

Who drove thru the food plots?

Who cleaned out the freezer when some of the stuff had only been in there 4 years?

Who took the chair from the Clubhouse and put it in their stand?

Who drug the gravel clean down to the dirt?

Who threw away the good paper plates just because they had rat poop on them?

Who used the last piece of firewood and didn't replenish it?

Who soiled their pants in the stand and told about it!


Ricky Spencer did it and so therefore I honor him with this most coveted award.

What are friends for?

What a wonderful world-----


Little Work 2018

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Nick and Trump Jr 2018

Thompson Award 2016

Jim "Smokey" Waters.  

To me it was a no brainer! Never in the history of the club has anyone fretted over a damn awning for so long. Cut down a load of timber all around his camper. Made a road beside Fred's place hauling sticks, dirt and rocks.

It also was the first time I have ever seen Wester jump off a tractor and hand someone the key and say, you do it, I have no idea what you want!!  He had only been trying to level the place for almost a day. Back and forth and ole Smokey was burning them up. Must have smoked 3 packs that day.Pull a string, smoke a cig, shovel some gravel, smoke a cig. Now as most of you know this went on for days and I'm actually not sure he is finished yet.  


Work Days 8/19/17 at Silver Bullet!

Fantastic Meal for All

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Silver Bullet Picnic 6/3/17!

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Work Days 3/04/17 at Silver Bullet!

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Work Days (3/08/15) at Silver Bullet!

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Heat + Cold blood

means they are moving!


Work Days (3/18/11) at Silver Bullet!

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