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Harvested in 2012-2013 Season


Fred IV's Buck

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10/27/12 Buck


       Chad Davis

  Rock Eagle

122112buck-5.jpg (57791 bytes) 122112buck-6.jpg (66939 bytes)
122112buck-4.jpg (38204 bytes) 122112buck-2.jpg (27921 bytes) 122112buck-3.jpg (44005 bytes) 122112buck-1.jpg (745359 bytes) 122112jerrydoe-1.jpg (47090 bytes)
122212georgedoes-2.jpg (295700 bytes) 122212georgedoes-1.jpg (284866 bytes)   Scott White

   Camp Piece

111312scottbuck-3.jpg (321535 bytes) 111312scottbuck-2.jpg (344496 bytes)
111312scottbuck-1.jpg (172952 bytes)   Matt Francis

   Camp Piece

110312Mattbuck-6.jpg (260421 bytes) 110312Mattbuck-4.jpg (297582 bytes) 110312Mattbuck-3.jpg (233870 bytes)
110312Mattbuck-1.jpg (260155 bytes)    Fred Miehe

   Rock Eagle

110312fredbuck-7.jpg (297633 bytes) 110312fredbuck-6.jpg (353266 bytes) 110312fredbuck-4.jpg (302138 bytes)
110312fredbuck-3.jpg (358981 bytes) 110312fredbuck-1.jpg (270235 bytes)    Joe Miehe

   BF Grant

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110312joebfgrant-1.jpg (278461 bytes) 110312donOconee-2.jpg (388593 bytes) 110312donOconee-1.jpg (357600 bytes) 102712Bubbabuck-3.jpg (61050 bytes) 102712Bubbabuck-2.jpg (42762 bytes)
102712Bubbabuck-1.jpg (63989 bytes) 101712freddoe-1.jpg (176336 bytes) 101412joedoe-1.jpg (170053 bytes) 100212joedoe-1.jpg (188781 bytes) 091212Bryan-1.jpg (128741 bytes)
091212Bryan-2.jpg (175945 bytes) 091212Bryan-3.jpg (132141 bytes) 091212Bryan-4.jpg (157633 bytes) 091212Bryan-5.jpg (388023 bytes) 091012GerryG-1.jpg (280158 bytes)


Harvested in 2011-2012 Season

Fred's 8 Pointer

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060912dads8-4.jpg (406901 bytes) 060912dads8-5.jpg (340627 bytes)  


Wesley's first Buck!

052312WesBuck2011-1.jpg (503763 bytes) 052312WesBuck2011-2.jpg (448690 bytes)
091011deerhunt-1.jpg (231090 bytes) 091811deerhunt-1.jpg (314397 bytes) 091811deerhunt-2.jpg (354797 bytes) 100811deerhunt-1.jpg (165367 bytes) 100811deerhunt-2.jpg (284120 bytes)
102611deerhunt-2.jpg (321968 bytes) 102611deerhunt-32.jpg (186024 bytes) 102611deerhunt-4.jpg (167705 bytes) 102611deerhunt-5.jpg (272199 bytes) 102611deerhunt-6.jpg (382796 bytes)
102611deerhunt-7.jpg (219613 bytes) 102611deerhunt-8.jpg (443713 bytes) 102611deerhunt-9.jpg (196930 bytes) 103011DadBig8-4.jpg (187159 bytes) 111411ChrisDoe-1.jpg (274624 bytes)
112811GeneDoe-1.jpg (294764 bytes) 112811JaredsDoe-1.jpg (275055 bytes) 112811JaredsDoe-2.jpg (238354 bytes) 112811BloomPA-1.jpg (125719 bytes) 112811BloomPA-2.jpg (128444 bytes)
121011fredsdoe.jpg (318548 bytes)        

Miehe's harvest Big 8

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Our family has been after this buck since 2009, as he was a shooter at 3.5 years old. We have photos of him all the way back to 2008 as a 2.5 year old. My dad missed him on Thanksgiving day 2009, shooting under him as he crossed a 10 yard wide shooting strip at 100 yards. Only got photos of him last year.

Opening day 2011, I saw him cross my sewer line food plot at 8:17am heading towards a bedding area my brother was hunting. At 9:40am, my brother called him within 10 yards behind his stand with a doe in heat bleat can. Unfortunately for him, as he turned to take the shot, he knocked his Gatorade bottle out of the stand, causing the deer to bound off. This lead to his name Lucky, as he's gotten 2 "chances" at this point.

1 week later to the day, we awoke to the ending of the rain on the camper. We head out with high hopes of the deer being on the move after an evening of rain. 8:40am, he comes out on a food plot on a power line, 175 yards from my dad. The rest is history. We even got a picture of him at 6:55a.m. about 100 yards from where I was set up that morning on another food plot, heading towards my father 400 yards away.  These are the words of my son Fred.  We have all had a lot to do with the harvesting of this buck.

I call it the Miehe's 8 Pointer.  We have fed, trail cam pictured and hunted this deer for years.  This was truly a family project.  Age: 51/2  Field Dressed - 150 lbs  Gross score 141 inches.


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103011DadBig8-20.jpg (313171 bytes) 103011DadBig8-9.jpg (388750 bytes) 103011DadBig8-10.jpg (345722 bytes) 103011DadBig8-11.jpg (303159 bytes) 103011DadBig8-12.jpg (293306 bytes)
103011DadBig8-13.jpg (377945 bytes) 103011DadBig8-14.jpg (353031 bytes) 103011DadBig8-16.jpg (191885 bytes) 103011DadBig8-17.jpg (1110788 bytes) 103011DadBig8-21.jpg (320500 bytes)



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