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Whitetail Deer
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2018 Season!



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2017 Season!

     Van & Ronnie  


040817a1119a.jpg (714852 bytes)         Fred


032917Fred 2017 Turkey.jpg (693109 bytes)   Joe 


032517joegobbler.jpg (315730 bytes)   Dave M.


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2016 Season!



032616joea.jpg (440541 bytes)       Fred


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2015 Season!

  Stephen's Jakes and

a two for one shot!

041615Stephen2jakeswith1shot.jpg (415553 bytes) One more for 


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032915JoeTurkey2a.jpg (359993 bytes) Joe gets one on 

Opening Day!


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2014 Season!

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Dick shot 3! 032214-Gregs Bird.jpg (371494 bytes) 032214-Donald1.jpg (562610 bytes) 032214-DicksSecond.jpg (412827 bytes) 032214-dicks3rd.jpg (38125 bytes)
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2013 Season!

Two hunters harvested the limit

Fred Miehe and Joe Miehe

        051413My Hancock County Gobbler.jpg (376493 bytes)
051413joe0822.jpg (305988 bytes) 042413Gregggobbler-1.jpg (485191 bytes) 042413Bryangobbler-1.jpg (73465 bytes) 041713Joe's BF Grant Gobbler 4-13-13.jpg (391557 bytes) 041713Fred's Hancock Gobbler 4-6-13.jpg (417699 bytes)
040313FredYork-2.jpg (368266 bytes) 040313FredYork-1.jpg (377882 bytes) 033113JoesGobbler-2.jpg (284310 bytes) 033113JoesGobbler-1.jpg (351022 bytes) 033113FredGobbler-2.jpg (343883 bytes)
033113FredGobbler-1.jpg (398838 bytes) 032813DickGobbler-1.jpg (110379 bytes) 032313FredGobbler-3.jpg (330453 bytes) 032313FredGobbler-2.jpg (289987 bytes) 032313FredGobbler-1.jpg (341825 bytes)


2012 Season!

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042212joe-1.jpg (174904 bytes) 042212joe-2.jpg (200907 bytes) 042212joe-3.jpg (404087 bytes) 042112jorja-snake1.jpg (411889 bytes)
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2011 Season!

I had gobblers all around me this morning; at least 6.  He came running in to my decoys after 2 minutes after responding to my yelps from a couple hundred yards away.  I shot him head on at 20 yards above the breasts and he jumped and flew up in the air about 10 feet, then landed and started stumbling off.  I missed with my second shot and ran out into the food plot to chase him down.  He got back up and started running around in circles (obviously blind).  I immediately thought about Dick last year.  I went to shoot him again but my third shell had ejected from the gun after the second shot.  I then thought I was Mark McGwire and proceeded to hit him in the head baseball style.  It did nothing.  He still ran around in circles.  I reered back with all my might and swung for a home run, hitting him in the head, knocking him down and breaking the stock away from the receiver on my gun.  He got back up and started running around in circles again.  UFC instincts then kicked in as I grabbed him by the head took him down and rung his neck (apparently not good enough).  He got back up and started running around in circles again and ran into me.  After removing my crooked hat and facemask which was now blinding me, I then thought I was Royce Gracie.  I jumped on top his back knees first and grabbed a hold of his head and twisted it 360 degrees.  I got off him and he sat upright.  I then went crazy psycho on him and stomped his head repeatedly until his skull was crushed.  What a hunt!!!  I would have been more excited about it had I not broke my gun.  He had an 11 1/2" beard and no spurs (genetic defect).  The scene of the crime had blood and feathers everywhere.  He is wet from rolling around with me in the food plot. 

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041011joe-4.jpg (416724 bytes) 041011joe-5.jpg (338124 bytes)  

Yes they are mine and I love them both!


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032611joe-6.jpg (487690 bytes) 032811Gregs.jpg (293404 bytes) 040511haroldg-1.jpg (752779 bytes) 040511dick-1.jpg (723255 bytes)
042011david-1.jpg (204654 bytes) 042011david-2.jpg (133858 bytes) 051111davem-1.jpg (1314916 bytes)  

2010 Season!

dickssecondgobbler-1.jpg (273143 bytes) dickssecondgobbler-2.jpg (316239 bytes) dick-vacactuator-1.jpg (271276 bytes) dick-vacactuator-2.jpg (269544 bytes)
disksgobblers-5.jpg (201300 bytes) 032010Fred and his Turkey-1.jpg (254100 bytes) 032010Fred and his Turkey-2.jpg (97777 bytes) 032010Fred and his Turkey-4.jpg (121146 bytes)
032010Fred and his Turkey-5.jpg (120109 bytes) 032010Joe and his Turkey-1.jpg (334302 bytes) 032010Joe and his Turkey-2.jpg (99150 bytes) 032010Joe and his Turkey-3.jpg (91867 bytes)
032010Joe and his Turkey2-.jpg (317423 bytes) 032010Joe and his Turkey2-2.jpg (102831 bytes) 032010Joe and his Turkey2-3.jpg (277193 bytes) King's turkey005.jpg (368772 bytes)
dicksthirdgobbler-1.jpg (300862 bytes) dicksthirdgobbler-2.jpg (288527 bytes) 041010Joe and his Turkey-3.jpg (209250 bytes) 041010Joe and his Turkey-1.jpg (296101 bytes)
041010Joe and his Turkey-2.jpg (228410 bytes) 040410sandysmtnturkey-1.jpg (259012 bytes) 041610davemturkey-1.jpg (235458 bytes)  

Turkey's from 2009 and previous years!



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